City of Parramatta Council

City of Parramatta Council

Sheridan Consulting Group engaged by the City of Parramatta Council (CoPC) for landmark development in the heart of Parramatta – Parramatta Square

Sheridan Consulting Group has been engaged by the City of Parramatta Council (CoPC) for the Parramatta Square development which is one of the biggest urban renewal projects in Australia and is central to the vision of CoPC to build Australia’s next great city. Parramatta has the scale and mix of commercial, health and education facilities earning it the status as Sydney’s dual CBD. Parramatta Square is a 3 hectare mixed use precinct located in the centre of Parramatta CBD.

Sheridan Consulting Group will provide consulting services which include a precinct wide emergency evacuation plan confirming the maximum occupancy of the Parramatta Square Public domain events and a review and emergency planning assessment of the design documentation for all buildings within the precinct, including the Public Domain Concept Design and the surrounding context. The review will also undertake an assessment of traffic management plans for all buildings within the precinct for Parramatta Square.


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