CYMASS 2017 Security Conference

CYMASS 2017 Security Conference

21-22 February 2017, Dubai

CYMASS 2017 Security Conference is aimed at high-level decision makers around the globe seeking expert guidance on securing places of mass gathering via traditional methods and integrating effective cyber security frameworks. Presented by Emirates Security Group and Austability, the inaugural conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in February 2017, and focuses on the link between cyber threats, trends & developments, and their influence on securing places of mass gathering.

The conference will present two days of industry-focused expertise, during which subject matter experts and industry exhibitors will deliver a prudent combination of strategy and security designed to protect places of mass gathering, with specific reference to cyber security.


Craig Sheridan APM presents his experience as Police Commander NSW Police Force, and lessons learnt in managing mass gathering events such as New Year’s celebrations and Australia Day . Mr Sheridan will discuss ‘The Electronic Achilles Heel’- cyber attacks on mass gathering events, critical infrastructure and transport interchanges, as well as intelligence and attacks on the airline industry, stadia and mass transport interchanges.


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