Posts on Jan 1970

Sheridan Consulting Group engaged by Property NSW for Crowd Dynamics Assessment

Sheridan Consulting Group has been engaged by Property NSW to complete an assessment of Darling Harbour and the associated crowd dynamics during  large events such as New Years Eve and Australia Day held in the precinct. The assessment is to provide guidance and recommendations for the most appropriate crowd management strategies and methods for optimal crowd safety during events.

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SCG proud to be associated with UNSW

Sheridan Consulting Group is very proud to be working with the University of NSW in relation to their risk and security environment. SCG has been engaged to conduct a risk and security review, identifying gaps, recommend improvements and develop a strong and industry leading security model resulting in a safe and security minded environment.

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SCG to conduct a Protective Security Assessment for Max Webber Library

SCG has been engaged by Max Webber Library, Blacktown to complete a Protective Security Assessment. The security assessment entails a review of the current security practices, a site inspection and working with key library staff to enhance security processes and procedures within the current threat environment. A key objective of the assessment is to provide guidance on building a strong security culture, thus providing a safe and secure environment to be enjoyed by staff and patrons.

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