Sheridan Consulting Group (SCG) is a consultancy organisation offering customised services to businesses in Security/Risk Management and Expert Stakeholder Engagement.

Clients seeking direction and review in regards to their security and risk position will get expert knowledge and experience in providing a system, tailored to the needs of their organisation. SCG has a huge network of key resources within the security and risk industry that they engage with, to ensure delivery of world’s best practice.

Sheridan Consulting Group (SCG) offers a complete service that covers initial stakeholder engagement, review / gap analysis, plans and recommendations, training service delivery, product service delivery and periodical health checks. Clients can select the services based on their requirements.

Sheridan Security Group (SSG) provides expert services in; Elite Manpower Guarding services, Expert Close Personal Protection Officers, Security and Close Personal Protection Training and Law enforcement Liaison.

 Clients can select the services based on their requirements.

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Emergency Management

Preparedness is a major phase in emergency management, development of emergency policy and plans will minimise the the effects of natural disasters or crises.

Security Risk Management

Providing strategies, processes and structures that will maximise the benefits of security in support of your organisations objectives. Provides a detailed strategic risk review to enable a robust treatment plan.

Crisis Management

Customised strategies to assist your business in crisis management, ensuring rapid and effective response to an event, minimizing the negative impact and strengthen resilience.

Business Continuity

Development of practical plans to ensure continued business operations following an unexpected incident or crisis.

Sheridan Security Group provides a comprehensive range of specialised security services as a boutique and customer focused company, ranging from guarding, electronic systems, to security management of buildings, public spaces and major/minor events.

Threat Assessment

A threat assessment considers all threats and provides structured strategies and processes which address the likelihood and seriousness of a potential threat to your organisation.

Counter Terrorism Response

An overarching plan that addresses roles and responsibilities in regards to preparedness, prevention, response and recovery through strong cooperative, coordinated and consultative relationships, and exercise and scenario management.

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The latest news, information and events from Sheridan Consulting Group.

Sheridan Consulting Group engaged by Property NSW for Crowd Dynamics Assessment

Mar 08, 2018

Sheridan Consulting Group has been engaged by Property NSW to complete an assessment of Darling Harbour and the associated crowd dynamics during  large events such as New Years Eve and...

SCG proud to be associated with UNSW

Mar 07, 2018

Sheridan Consulting Group is very proud to be working with the University of NSW in relation to their risk and security environment. SCG has been engaged to conduct a risk...

SCG to conduct a Protective Security Assessment for Max Webber Library

Mar 07, 2018

SCG has been engaged by Max Webber Library, Blacktown to complete a Protective Security Assessment. The security assessment entails a review of the current security practices, a site inspection and...

Sheridan Consulting Group engaged by the AFL to facilitate the 2018 AFL Security Forum

Feb 02, 2018

Sheridan Consulting Group is proud to be associated with the AFL to facilitate the 2018 AFL Security Forum on Friday 2 March 2018. Craig Sheridan APM will facilitate a scenario...

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