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Sheridan Consulting Group proud to be associated with Auckland Stadiums

Sheridan Consulting Group has been engaged to conduct a Security Risk Review , SCALE Terrorism Vulnerability Assessment and Implement Dynamic Crowd Management (DCM) assessment tool.

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Sheridan Consulting and Security Group engaged for Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2017

Sheridan Consulting Group and Sheridan Security Group announce their proud association with Salesforce World Tour 2017, Sydney. Sheridan Consulting Group have been engaged by Salesforce World Tour and Revolution 360 degrees to complete a Strategic Risk review and Security Management plan on the Salesforce Event to be held in Sydney during March 2017. Sheridan Security Group will provide Security Guarding Services which is an expert security management and operations team with trained guards from both law enforcement and military background.

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Mass Participation Asia Conference 2017


3-4 April 2017, Bangkok

Explore key insights and learn from leaders of this fast growing industry of mass participation sports events. Featuring a wide range of both commercial and operational topics, whether you are an event-based business, sponsor, government body or even an NPO, there is something for everyone.

Panel Discussion: Risk Management Implications in the Current Global Environment

Detailed Risk Management – An Essential Element of Every Mass Participation Event With the increased and ever present risk of terrorism, the massive surge in numbers of inexperienced participants entering events and the often extreme climatic conditions in Asia, there are many layers to an appropriate risk management plan. The panel including experts from police, medical services and organisers will discuss the key elements of risk assessment and management and share a number of event case studies.

Panel Members
Arthur Lin, CEO, Action X
Craig Sheridan APM, Managing Director, Sheridan Consulting Group
David Hansen, Former Owner, SuperSprint Events

Craig will also be facilitating a workshop following the conference.

Workshop: Risk Management in Mass Participation – Strategies to Build Resilience in the Global Threat Environment

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2017 Safety, Security and Counter Terrorism Forum


19-20 April 2017, Sydney

Craig Sheridan APM will present;


Critical Infrastructure Security Management: Collaboration Between Public & Private Sectors to Improve Safety & Resilience

  • Public/Private Partnership (PPP) in Integrating Public and Private Sector for Public safety
  • Australia Smart Policing System
  • Emergency Response during


Discussion panelist for:

Next Point of Attack: Where and What Infrastructure?

  • Where are we most vulnerable?
  • Why would we be targeted?
  • Who would have the capabilities to target us?
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Public Venue Security and Safety Summit


28 – 30 March 2017, Sydney

The Public Venue Security and Safety Summit, being held in Sydney on 28th – 30th March 2017 brings together leading security professionals to explore how the implementation of effective and practical strategies of prevention, preparation, response and recovery can ensure operational continuity and sustainability.

The forum will provide attendees with greater knowledge and skills in how to identify and protect against internal and external threats; develop smarter approaches to counter violent extremism; improve current public event security, safety and risk strategies and capabilities to face the current threat environment; benefit from new collaboration, communication and engagement methods and optimise crowd management operations and outcomes.

Craig Sheridan APM will Chair the summit and present on the topic of, Preventing event disruption starts by understanding how internal and external factors could affect crowd behaviour. Craig will explore the different crowd management strategies to avoid critical crowd densities and rapid group movement and what are the key factors that determine the likelihood of crowd behaviour.

Craig will also facilitate a post conference workshop Improving collaboration, communication and engagement during security operations between all different security stakeholders. This interactive in-depth learning session explores different ways and strategies to improve efficiency among security stakeholders within public venues, events and facilities from all over Australia. Throughout the workshop you will gain insights into how to become more effective at identifying and acting on top-priority incidents.


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