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ADIPEC Security in Energy Conference


8 – 9 November 2016, Abu Dhabi

Invaluable network and security experts from around the world at ADIPEC.

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Australian Event Symposium 2016

September 22 and 23 2016 – Sunshine Coast Queensland

Inspiration, Operation and Communication

Presenting: Event Security in Today’s Climate

 “In this session, we’ll hear from Craig Sheridan one of Australia’s leading experts on security for major events. He will outline the current threat levels, present an overview of “modern” terrorism and importantly address how to prepare and respond. What does all this mean for business and how it prepares and adapts.”


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EEAA Member Training: Global Leader for Member Security and Safety Training Workshops


14 September 2016 – Sydney

28 September 2016 – Melbourne

26 October 2016 – Perth

 At the recent EEAA 2016 Leaders Forum, keynote speaker, Craig Sheridan APM, presented an insider’s view of the current security, terror threat and risk climate, and how we can be prepared and respond.

Due to high demand from Members, and with security and safety being a major issue, EEAA is running a series of training workshops designed to help Members create safe work places and also plan for safe events.

The program will include safety updates on regulatory changes and also detailed training to help participants develop strategic risk and safety plans for their workplaces and events.

In the full-day workshop, Craig Sheridan APM will get down to the “nuts and bolts” of risk assessment and help Members develop their own Counter Terrorism (CT) and major threat plans.

Following the full-day workshop, attendees will also have the opportunity for a two hour, one-on-one session with Craig to review their plans. This is an invaluable opportunity to work with a global leader.

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